Website Development

Responsive Website Designs

In todays world a basic element in almost any business is a website. A website is an extremely useful tool for communicating information in a controlled and real-time fashion.


One of the greatest benefits of the internet is the ability to see what your competition is offering through their website. Team Asap can conduct this research to help ensure your company looks better and offers more information to your customers.


Before creating a website, the scope, content, and overall goal of the project must be clear. With the budget in mind, we create a map that includes all areas of the website, and how they relate to each other. This site map is essentially the blue print to guide the entire project.

As in most construction projects, changes made to the site map can change the final costs. Due to the dynamic process of developing custom websites and applications, changes can be made as new ideas emerge. Team Asap is always sure to communicate any costs before they are incurred.

The 'Look and Feel'

Once content has been submitted, and this sitemap created, our design team will create a ‘look and feel’ for your approval. You have a choice of having the designer present the design(s) in person using story boards, or they can be posted to one of our test servers for online viewing. Most website we produce are priced to allow one set of revisions at this stage.


The first step to assembling the website is to take the approved design and apply it to the site map. This creates an empty shell of the site. Once all of the pages have been developed and the navigation is linked and functional, all of the content is inserted and each page formatted for consistency.

Once all of the content has been added and working version of the website has been created, we post the website to one of our test servers for testing and viewing. Once posted, it awaits final revisions and your approval.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Our web development team is able to help you chose the most appropriate technologies.


Templates are best used when creating a number of pages that share certain characteristics, such as background color or navigation elements. Rather than setting the correct properties for every new page or making the same changes page after page, you can use a template to make changes to several pages at once.


Active Server Pages (ASP) is a technology that enables you to make dynamic and interactive web pages. Software written in ASP can run on any computer connected to the Internet.


Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) describe how documents are presented on screen and in print. By attaching style sheets to structured documents on the web (e.g. HTML), authors and readers can influence the presentation of documents without adding new HTML tags or code.


HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is a language to specify the structure of documents for retrieval across the Internet using browser programs.

Meta Tags

Search engine meta tags and keywords are strategically placed throughout a website. These tags are used to instruct user agents such as web browser and search spiders on a variety of topics.

Content Development and Photography

Writing and Photography are forms of art. Coming up with the right words to say or the best imagery to use can stump the best of us at times. For any marketing or advertising campaign, our creative team will find the best wording and images to make the most significant impact.

Search Engine Positioning

When your competition has a strong online presence, simply registering with search engines is often not enough. With a proven track record of providing cost effective results, Team Asap can help bring the right traffic to your website.

Our Internet experts will design short and long-term strategies to increase the popularity of your website with search engines. Paid search engines ‘click thru’ bidding to increase traffic is available through Asap.

Mobile Friendly

We've reached a point now where 50% of traffic visiting your website will be from mobile devices. If your website is not mobile friendly, you will lose visitors and customer acquisition.

When the content of your website is viewed on a mobile device it should stack for easier viewing. That is, content on the right, stacks under the content from the left. The difference is clear when you try to read super small font of a non-responsive website.

Online Application and eCommerce

The success of a piece of software is measured by the quality of the end-user experience. Software should connect each user comfortably and efficiently with the business process, so that it is enjoyable to use. It should support the user’s needs in a natural, effortless and productive way.

Asap Marketing provides solutions that will automate your business by aggregating a variety of information sources such as user data entry, e-mail, fax, or website forms. The process of storing transactions of your business in a database allows you to quickly generate reports that identify where to best direct your managing efforts.

Reports can be created to extrapolate any type of information from the database, for example: profit margin of a process, status of an order, trends by customer product, location of a product, quantity of products, and so on. With the right application supporting your business process, a great deal of money and time can be saved.