Marketing & Graphic Design

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Give Asap Marketing the creative freedom to combine our fresh creative talents with experience, education, and research that will elevate your marketing efforts to the next level.

In order for us to give an accurate quote and recommendations for your marketing project, we will arrange to meet with you. Our goal is to gain an understanding of your business and to learn about your past, present, and future marketing ideas. From there, we create an action plan with targets, timelines and budget, for your consideration.

Brand Development

A brand is not just a name, logo or slogan. It is an integrated personality that projects the image and values of an organization. Based on qualified research, type of product or service, target markets, and expertise, ASAP’s creative department will visually set you apart from your competitors.

Using the information we learn about your business and industry, our design team will develop a brand that communicates the right message to the right audience. When developing a logo, your letterhead and business card designs are supplied as a basic part of any corporate communication package. Electronic files can be supplied directly to your printer.

Once we have created a fully functional brand, the next step is to ensure it is presented consistently in all mediums. Brand guidelines will allow your company to elect and administer the proper brand for each situation. The ultimate goal of the brand guideline document is to assist in maintaining brand consistency.

Brochures and Marketing Collaterals

Perception is everything. When you are on the phone, in a sales presentation, or on the golf course, your marketing communications speak for you. The main purpose of marketing communications is to communicate a focused message in a clear concise format, which will assist and support your sales process.

If you want to make the winning pitch to potential clients, you must have all the bases covered. Our graphic design and creative department can help you put together sales support materials that will bring noticeable and effective results.


Brochures can be an effective way to communicate individual product or service messages to a target market. Asap Marketing’s design team can create the right format to meet budgets and effectively communicate your message.

Corporate Presentation Folders

Presentation folders can be an ideal marketing piece because they are practical, cost-effective, familiar to users, and lend themselves to a broad range of design options. From press kits to proposals, employee literature to leave-behind introductions, there is nothing like an effective and versatile custom folder that’s guaranteed to get noticed.

Large Format Graphics

With one of Asap Marketing’s principles having participated in hundreds of trade shows, and a Creative Director who has worked with Canada’s top display companies, Asap has a definite edge when it comes to understanding trade shows. Take advantage of our team’s experience and expertise to create large format graphics and have electronic files ready for printing.


Our creative team can design eye-catching graphics, create an unforgettable catch phrase, or develop an offer too good to refuse. Whether you are advertising in trade publications, newspapers or industry newsletters, our ad designs will help bring you positive results.

Content Development and Photography

Our team can play a key role in keeping your newsletters, website or other forms of written communications interesting and captivating for your audience. Our writers will combine and refine marketing copy, create technical documentation, or develop content based on research.

Using digital equipment, Asap Marketing’s team can take product and location pictures for website development projects. In cases where the pictures may be used for print, we can recommend several professional photographers.


The people in our society today have little time to read through content. The easiest way to explain who you are and what you do is through video.

Video is a great way to express company values and services. Few other marketing mediums will give you a similar ROI as it also helps with SEO.

Planning and Coordination

It is important to make sure marketing efforts are focused in the right areas when entering a new market with a product or service. Let Asap Marketing’s team develop a marketing strategy, create a design, and form a message that will bring results and maximize returns on your marketing investment.

Our research methodologies will tell you where your potential customers are, and the best ways to reach them. The information discovered during market research project is invaluable to the creative team when developing effective marketing communications.

You can discover niche markets for your business. Matching recurrent sales and demographic customer trends with your products or services will increase profits. The match will result in creating a niche market in a specific industry where your products or services fill a common need that is not actively being met.

Just as immediate and measurable results are part of any successful marketing campaign, so are long-term positive effects. Build in greater profits over longer periods by creating both a short and long-term plan that work together. The best results come when all the planning is done before starting the actual work. Our experienced market result experts can assemble results-driven marketing strategies with documentation. Combined with a measurable one, two, and five-year marketing program, your marketing strategies will be complete.