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How to Avoid Making Social Media Mistakes

Social media is the best way for a brand to engage with it’s audience online. There are a multitude of social media management tools to help generate information, manage posts, and streamline the process of maintaining your brand’s presence online.

However, despite all the tools available what really counts with social media is the quality of the writing. Unfortunately this is where many brands falter, either in their delivery or in their choice of content.

Below is a list of common mistakes that brands make when writing for social media platforms:

You write controversial posts

Be careful when using current events as part of your social media strategy, as commenting, posting or sharing news to do with political situations, social problems or religious matter can lead to more negative feedback than positive. While people are engaging with your content in the form of comments or shares, this tactic fails because it is a divisive issue which will likely make your followers angry or disappointed, causing them to stop following your brand.

Your page is boring

Nothing is worse for a brand’s image than a dead Facebook page. Make sure to update your profile regularly and come up with interesting information for your readers. Also, keep in mind that while words mean a lot, pictures and video are also good for keeping your audience interested.

Your Newsfeed Looks Spammy

Nothing turns off a follower like two dozen posts in a row clogging up their feed. A slew of posts will not only annoy your followers, but it will ensure that none of them read them and likely prompt at least a few to click ‘unfollow.’ If you must post links, write some interesting or funny content relevant to your brand in-between to lighten up your feed.

Your Messages are Too Impersonal

Your followers want to see what you have to say. So when you post a link but sure to shorten it using a service such as bitly or Google URL Shortener and write a short message to accompany it. Don’t try to be too clever or use abbreviations which your audience may not be familiar with.

You Don’t Follow Back

In most cases when someone follows you on Twitter they expect the same in return; it’s like saying “thank you” via Twitter. You can also send them a Private Message personally thanking them for the follow. If you ignore your subscribers there’s a strong chance that they will start ignoring you.

General Mistakes Online:
You Use a Fake Name and Photo

People won’t trust you if they can’t see who you are. Don’t use nicknames like “SurferGal308” and an avatar of a video game character on your profile, otherwise your audience will have no idea who you are. Using your real name and a photo of yourself helps build trust.

You Message People Through Your Company’s Profile

Your audience needs to know that you are a real person. Unless you work for a large corporation with a widely-recognizable name avoid using your company’s profile to contact people. Your followers should be able to easily see that they are talking to a person and not a machine.

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